Absenteeism Policy

We are experiencing an increasing number of personnel who do not attend the class(es) they have been registered for or attend without proper registration. This creates several problems:

  • The class has limited enrollment and other officers are deprived of the educational opportunity.
  • Materials and refreshment costs are based upon the number of officers registered.
  • The size of the course is too small to achieve the course objective and would have been cancelled because it is neither cost effective nor provides a favorable learning environment.
  • The instructor is present and prepared for instruction. His/her time is valuable and therefore must be compensated even when no students arrive for class.

The Mobile Training Unit is designed for and takes into consideration the complexities of scheduling and unplanned emergencies. All we ask is that the enrolling department phone our office when an enrolled officer cannot attend the training session.

Accordingly, effective July 1, 2002 in an effort to curb this growing problem, a department will be considered responsible for the registration, attendance or cancellation of their personnel. NO SHOWS will be assessed the advertised cost of the program, with $50 being the minimum charge. This charge will be waived if the department can demonstrate the absence is due to last minute emergency circumstances beyond a department’s control, such as illness, police emergency, etc.

It is the goal of this policy implementation to reduce the current absenteeism rate.