Classroom Decorum

Our “Attendance Policy” remains in place.

Students attending class are expected to wear clothing appropriate for the course being taught, usually business casual. Please note that if the course will conduct some sort of physical training activity, students should dress accordingly.

Students should report to the classroom, at the scheduled time, with the appropriate notetaking materials (pen, pencil, notebook) and equipment.

Students will respect the rights of others in the class. Anyone disrupting a class will be asked to leave. During class presentations, students will maintain proper class decorum – feet will not be placed on top of desks and sleeping in class will not be tolerated. If you need to use a cell phone or other electronic device during a presentation, please step out of the classroom into a hallway or other office area.

In order to properly prepare all handout materials, and in order to accommodate those students on a waiting list for our various courses, we are asking that all course registrations be completed fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the course. Course registrations will continue to be taken within those fourteen (14) days, depending on space available and course material availability.