Rapid Deployment

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Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Ends On: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Winnebago Co. Criminal Justice Center
650 West State Street
Rockford, IL
Instructor: F. Ingardona, B. Franck, S. Meyers
Member's Fee: $0
Non-Member & Civilian Fee: $85

This 8 hour course will explain active threat considerations, identify initial response duties, demonstrate law enforcement response tactics, and identify immediate post shooting considerations.

Course objectives:
•    Students will show proficiency in Rapid Deployment training and how to deal with an Active Shooter
•    Students will be able to effectively understand the proper tactics in entering an active scene to minimize as quickly as possible the amount of carnage being committed.  This Simulation based course will focus on first responder impartiality by making decisions basic on articulable factors and reasonable use of force, rather than fear or a general sense of perceived danger.
•    The ability the understand that seconds count and how to as safe as possible enter a building, room, hallway etc., as quickly as possible to save lives during an active shooter event.
•    Students will be able to apply a tourniquet under a simulated stressful event, also learning how to properly evacuate someone to a casualty collection point.
•    Students will train how to move safely through large crowds, understanding Limited Penetration techniques, Link ups, indicators and stimulus.  Students will also understand the importance of entering a dangerous situation in order to protect innocent lives.

Additional topics include:
•    Security
•    Immediate action plan
•    Communication
•    Medical
•    3 rules of dealing with IED’s
•    Lessons learned
•    Mental preparation
•    Physiological considerations

Students will need their duty belt and ballistic vest.

This course has been certified by the ILETSB and approved to meet the following mandates:
    ☐    Civil Rights            
    ☐    Constitutional & Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority    
    ☐    Cultural Competency        
    ☐    Procedural Justice
    ☐    Human Rights            
    ☐    Law Updates
    ☐    Lead Homicide Investigator        
    ☒    Use of Force (must include scenario based/similar training)