Jail Suicide Prevention

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Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018
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Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Boone County PSB - Basement Classroom
615 N. Main Street
Belvidere, IL
Instructor: Gail Sullivan, M.A.
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Non-Member & Civilian Fee: $85

The problem of suicide in jails is at what some experts call epidemic proportions in Illinois.  Often inmates come to the jail with mental health issues that lead to and exacerbate their suicidal attempts.  Litigation in jail suicide cases has cost the citizens but most can be prevented through a comprehensive program of recognition, assessment and prevention.

The program that can be developed through information received in this training begins at intake and follows the inmate through his stay at the correctional facility.  The program is designed to provide criminal justice officers with the skills and knowledge required to effectively respond and provide appropriate action.  The skills addressed will include, but not be limited to, Legal, Social and Criminal response to jail suicides.

This four hour program has been designed with the purpose of addressing the issues related to suicide in the Illinois jail system. The workshop meets all standards set forth by Illinois Administrative Code, title 20; Chapter 1 Subchapter F, section 701.90(h).  Suicides are the leading cause of death in Illinois jails.  Mental health issues are interfaced with this phenomenon.  The course is designed to provide corrections officers, criminal justice and law enforcement professionals in how to best address these most crucial corrections issues.

The goal of this course is to train participants about the appropriate interventions and techniques to be employed when responding to the issue of jail suicides.  In order to achieve this goal, focus will be specifically placed upon:

    ~    Review Illinois County Jail Standards for suicide prevention and mental health
            `Classification and separation
            `Medical and mental health care
            `Security and safety
            `Social Services
            `Religious Services
    ~    Increasing proactive stances to reduce litigation
    ~    Development of Risk Assessment tools
    ~    Comprehensive understanding of major mental illness and their impact upon
        incarceration and possible suicidal risk of inmates
    ~    Elements of a successful suicide prevention plan
    ~    Review of suicide prevention techniques employed in jails

After completed this presentation, the attendee should be able:

    ~    To be able to identify dynamics of suicide
    ~    To be able to identify major categories of mental illness and their impact upon
        the risk of an inmate becoming suicidal
    ~    To be able to identify high risk situations in jails
    ~    To be able to identify behavior and verbal cues of a suicidal person
    ~    To be able to identify principles of discipline and behavior management that
        decrease suicidal behavior among inmates