Welcome to the Northern Illinois Training Advisory Board

Vision Statement: Based on current and future needs of Member Agencies we assess developing trends and problems in Law Enforcement and build appropriate training responses while providing low cost solutions for quality Law Enforcement Training and meaningful education for the future of Law Enforcement. We provide superior training to Law Enforcement personnel to keep them current on changing practices and standards of professionalism.

Mission Statement: Dedicated to providing quality training to all Law Enforcement professionals.



The Northern Illinois Training Advisory Board entered into a subscription to the “Law Enforcement Officer Training Case of the Month”, provided by Illinois Prosecutor Services, LLC, Attorney Don Hays. Each month we will post a new “Training Case of the Month”, along with a few questions pertaining to that case, and the correct answers to those questions. You must be logged into video breaks in order to view the content. 

This month's case can be found here: JULY 2016 


When registering officers for a MTU#2 class, we will now need the officers’ “PTB ID” number along with their name. 

Officers will also need to know their 8 digit “PTB ID” number when signing in during classes they are attending.  This will now be the only way we can determine which officer to enter into the statewide training database.

PTB ID numbers can be found here:  PTB ID Lookup